Breakdown of the GMB Help Guide

gmb motherload
The GMB Motherload

GMB Help

Yesterday, Cori Shirk found the Google My Business goldmine. A few weeks back, I remember hearing Google was going to be adding more information and guides to their Google My Business help section. I was skeptical on how much “information” they would be providing. Turns out, it’s a good deal of information, 7 sections in total.

Here’s a breakdown of each of the sections:

  • Report incorrect Street View imagery
  • View business info live
  • Cant Find business info
  • Info displayed on G+ pages
  • Place Labels on G Maps
  • Info in Knowledge Panel
  • Improve Local Ranking

Lets roll through a few of the more interesting sections:

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Let’s Push it to #1


I enjoy SEO experiments and though I don’t perform them nearly as much as I should, they are useful to determine how/why pages are ranking and for finding new ways to rank. That said, there is a fantastic “test” going on now in some parts of the SEO world. I’ve been following one of these tests in particular.

Mike and Andrew are convinced that a link from this site will not get them a penguin penalty but will instead vault them to the first page of the SERPS for the term “Alan Bleiweiss”. If you want the full run down of the test, be sure to check out their sites, especially Mike’s because it is fucking gold.

This is Mike’s Alan Bleiweiss website.

Here is Andrew’s Alan Bleiweiss where he repeated calls him an asshat.

You can also check out the real Alan, here.

How’s that for exact match anchors, guys?

Onward to Page 1.

2015 Year in Review



It’s been a bit since I last posted – nearly 3 months in fact. Been wicked busy and my brain has been focused on learning the ins and outs of my new gig. This post won’t be anything ground breaking but should be fun.

I figured I should write a 2015 wrap up post since there was a good amount happening last year, not only in Local SEO, but to me as well. Let’s just jump right in with some of the bigger happenings.

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Time to Move On

In May of 2014, I traded my entrepreneurial boots for the comfort of corporate loafers. There were a few reasons I decided to go the corporate route and was excited to do so. A new experience, financial stability, opportunity and change were some of the reasons I chose to leave small business for the corporate life. It took some time but I realized that currently, Corporate America is not where I am supposed to be. That may sound harsh, though it is not intended to be so. Presently, my calling is in small business though my mind is open to whatever the future brings.

In saying that, my last day at Allstate will be Friday the 30th.

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Are Big Brands Being Forced Out of the Local Stack?


Google Local in a nutshell
Google Local in a nutshell

It has been over 2 months since Google reduced the Local results from 7 down to 3. Since the change, I’ve been attempting to analyze various items in the Pack – picture sizes, who is ranking, why they are ranking and what factors are keeping the businesses in the Local Stack. I’ve written several posts on how terrible the results are and what a poor experience the Local Stack has been so far. I think Google is doing some things to better the user experience but it still has a ways to go.

I have been noticing more and more small business, “mom and pop” shops, located in the Local Stack since the change and decided to test my theory that big Brands are being pushed out of the Local results.

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Local Stack Pack Pushes Organic Down the Page


Crystal Lake Dentist
Crystal Lake Dentist

I’ve been doing additional testing on the “new” Local Stack Pack and the Local Finder. Here are some additional observations from my testing:

Let’s go deeper.

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Local Finder now with Organic Listings

Think You Have Google Figured Out?
Think You Have Google Figured Out?


Local Finder with Organic Listings

I wanted to do some testing on the new Organic links showing in the Local Finder which just began rolling out the past few days. These listings are seemingly rolling out live for the whole country after some began seeing them this weekend and even more reported them today. Where is G pulling the information in the Local Finder Organic section? Below are screenshots of test results.

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