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Brian Barwig
Brian Barwig

Values Align

Maybe you’ve been a client for years or you’re just finding this page. Either way, thanks for visiting! A little about my Philosophy and Values:

  • I’m laid back, easy to work with and I like results.
  • I’m also blunt, honest and value my time.
  • I expect the same from the people I work with.

I’ve long been a believer in doing the right thing, being honest (both with yourself and others) and Karma. I try to align myself with companies and clients who feel the same. This is one of the reasons I began working for my current employer. They are active in the community, give back, care about people and employees and are a Force for Good. Companies and people with these values are inspiring, leaders and are always focused on the big picture with an end goal of building a better future. I like that.

I want to work with companies who:

  • Don’t devote 100% of their marketing budget to SEO
  • Have rabid, loyal fans
  • Are philanthropic
  • Care about their customers
  • Stand for something
  • Are transparent

I practice what I preach. You’ll notice that when you talk to me. There are examples scattered throughout my blog as well. Check my Local SEO, Citation BuildingGMB, Consultation or Audit pages. Notice how I have my pricing on each page. That’s transparency! I may lose some clients this way and competitors may copy or low-ball me but that’s how the game goes. The clients who really want to work with me do so because I’m honest, open and communicate clearly throughout the process. If I lose a potential client purely on the costs which I have listed, that is not a client I would want to work with anyway. See where I’m going here?

This should not be simply about cost. It is about building relationships, helping each other and making what we do worthwhile for everyone involved. 

I recently found that Wil Reynolds has similar values and has a name for it. Wil calls this RCS. That’s what I want from my clients too – Real Company Shit.

If you hit me up and our values don’t line up, we won’t work together. Don’t take it personally. I would simply rather not deal with someone who is going to waste my time, turn into a burdensome client or put me in a situation where I may have to go against my own values. If that turns you off and away from my website, we probably weren’t going to work well together anyway.

It’s cool if you aren’t into Real Company Shit but we won’t be working together. Just my style and my values.

Email me if you’re in a good company, doing good things for people.

If you are a good company, trying to do good things for people and doing it the right way – Lets make something happen!

What’s Next?

Send me an email or connect via Twitter and so we can get the intro’s out of the way. From there, we can jump on a call, or Skype. I look forward to meeting you!

Brian Barwig