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I’ve been helping businesses attain more customers with SEO since 2005. Since 2008, I’ve almost solely focused on Local SEO, assisting businesses to appear in front of local customers on Google.

It’s no secret people searching for businesses or services would rather deal with someone local (near me) in their surrounding area, than having to waste time driving in order to attain the same outcome. When people search on Google for your business or service, are you visible? Is your business in the Local 3 Pack near you? If not, you’re losing customers to your competition. Your competition is swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck while you struggle to keep the lights on, because you failed to hire an expert Chicago Local SEO.

I say Chicago Local SEO on my website because I am based outside Chicago. I will help any small or medium sized business throughout the United States. I enjoy doing SEO for small businesses, specifically lawyers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and HVAC

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Local SEO Chicago

If you found this page, you are more than likely a business owner who needs help getting your business in the Local Pack of Google searches and Local SEO. There is a great opportunity to attract local customers and grow your business with Chicago Local SEO. 

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of technical SEO, on-site and off-site optimization, and content strategy to help local businesses rank higher in the search engine results page (SERP). Local SEO near you is similar to Organic SEO, though you are optimizing for a specific location rather than a service, product or idea.

It is critical for businesses to rank for local search terms when customers are searching for them. If you are not in front of your potential customers, your competition will be. There are only 3 spots to rank in the Local Pack and competition for those spots is intense.

With Local SEO, I focus on providing relevant results to searches based on where they are searching. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find your business when they search. You can start doing this by having a well optimized GMB profile

Think of the reasons people search for local businesses. Some may know your business or brand, but simply need more information about you. Maybe they need your phone number, address, hours, driving directions or want to read your business reviews.

What if the searcher does not know your business? They are probably searching for businesses who sell similar products and services to yours. How is your business going to stand out? If you do not have a solid Local SEO strategy, you are most likely not ranking in the Local 3 Pack. If you are not in the Local Pack, 3 of your competitors are. Can you continue to afford not being seen locally when your customers are searching?

Local SEO for Law Firms

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The best Chicago Local SEO is what your law firm needs in order to be found online by potential clients who are searching for your services. Go to Google and perform a search for “Lawyer near me”. What do you see? The market around your law firm is flooded with other lawyers (your competition) trying to steal as many potential clients from your business as they can. Competition is good for your clients as it provides them many options, though it is not ideal for your law firm. There is more pressure on your law firm to continue growing and keep new clients coming through the door. That’s why you need an expert Local SEO near you. 

As a lawyer, you probably understand Lawyer Local SEO is cut-throat. The competition is fierce and spam is rampant. Attorney SEO marketing is a highly competitive field where each client matters in order for your business to succeed. Marketing for law firms is difficult, and online marketing is even harder and more time-consuming. Take the guesswork out of law firm digital marketing, and hire a Local SEO consultant

SEO for lawyers is one of the most competitive verticals in Local SEO. There are dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of law firms competing for first page and Local Pack rankings. Only a select few are able to consistently generate solid leads from SEO. If you want great results from your law firm SEO, you need a great Local SEO strategy. I understand what it takes to attain leads in the highly competitive lawyer industry. Make the right choice and hire an expert Local SEO consultant

Physical Therapy SEO Consultant

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In order for a physical therapy practice to attract patients and grow the business, physical therapy marketing and Local SEO is a must. Physical therapists are short on time, thus you need a strategic marketing plan designed specifically for your physical therapy business. This will set your physical therapy practice apart from your competition and generate leads which convert to clients. Another reason to hire an expert Local SEO near your clinic. 

Go to Google and perform a search for “Physical therapy near me”. What do you see? The market around your physical therapy business is flooded with other physical therapists (your competition) trying to steal as many potential clients from your business as they can. Competition is good for your clients as it provides them many options, though it is not ideal for your practice. There is more pressure on your physical therapy business to continue growing and keep new clients coming through the door. Physical therapy SEO is a must for your clinic.

Now, think of how a potential client is searching for a physical therapist. They are most likely going to Google and searching for a physical therapist near them, or searching for terms relating to symptoms or a condition they are currently dealing with. If your website doesn’t match the intent of the searcher, your physical therapy business is not going to show for them and you are not on their radar. This is a lost opportunity for your physical therapy practice.

Helping Good People and Businesses

The Local SEO game is a struggle, especially in Chicago. The rules, guidelines, players and best practices change often. If you’re not in the weeds every day, it can be hard to catch up or even figure out where to begin. Luckily for you, you found my website. Now you can begin reviewing my services and how I can help you rank online. Be sure to read about me and my philosophy so you know how I work and if we will be a fit to work together. Remember, I’m a Local SEO in Chicago but will help anyone nationwide if they need an expert Local SEO consultant. 

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Check out what Mark had to say on Google:

Brian is a great guy to work with. He is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the ever changing SEO market. From the beginning, he took time to understand my needs while researching my competition. He spend hours studying my industry and industry trends. After helping me with small website design changes, we drafted a strategy to organically increase the visibility of my website. With this “organic” strategy, there are no short cuts. Brian explained the process and stuck with me through each phase. With all his help, it felt more like a partnership than a business/client relationship. I highly recommend Brian and his services.

Mark G.
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