One-on-One Consultation

One-On-One Consultation

Let’s chat! We can talk about anything and everything you want, be it basic or specific elements of your website. I will provide you suggestions on how you can improve your website and assist you with developing a strategy.

What You Get

Again, we can chat about anything you want. Here are some ideas in case you are stumped:

  • Is your website broken but you don’t know why?
  • Do you think you’re doing everything right but still aren’t ranking?
  • What are you not doing already?
  • My current SEO company sucks…what next?
  • How do I rank for Local SEO?
  • What is GMB?
  • Where are the best Citations?
  • What is the best strategy to building links?
  • Do I need an SEO Audit?
  • Am I targeting the right keywords?

I’ll send you a breakdown of our conversation and recommended action items once we are done with the call. It’s up to you from there.

What’s the Cost?

My cost is $100/hour.

Get Started

Before you do anything, read My Philosophy to make sure we aren’t wasting each others time. Then, send me an email or connect via Twitter and so we can get the intro’s out of the way. From there, we can jump on a call, or Skype, and dig through your website.

Let’s make it happen!

Brian Barwig