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Lincoln Auto Pic
Lincoln Auto Pic

A few quick things about the new Local Pack update Blumenthal is calling the Local Stack (so much for all my pushing of the Local 3 Pack).

Additional Analysis of Local Stack

After more testing and analysis it looks like:

  • Google is taking Photos, Hours, Reviews and Website URL’s from G+/GMB
  • Photos are showing in a wide variety of formats.┬áSome are stretched to fit, some are cut, others are cropped. There is a certain size which will show correctly but I dont know that size yet. Someone update me when they find it.
  • Photos are being taken from Google Street View, G+ and GMB
  • Rankings within the Local Stack are probably still shifting a bit but my analysis shows Citations are important. Be on the correct citation websites and make sure your profile is 100% complete and consistent.
  • A few quality links (1-5) could vault your business up the Local Stack


  • A different Local 3 Pack is being pulled for different queries. For instance, the Hotel/Bars/Restaurants verticals are pulling a 3 Pack without an option for the “Website” or “Directions” buttons.
  • Bars
  • Insurance/Contractors/Plumbers/etc are pulling a 3 Pack with those options
  • Insurance


  • Linda Buquet pointed out that hovering over the “Website” button prompts G to show the website URL now. This is different than what was happening on Friday as G was showing a redirect link and not the business URL.
  • Several industries are showing the Local 3 Pack with differing features. Hotels and B&B are showing Ratings, Price, Hours, Amenities. Others arent showing those features.
  • Here is a photo of B&B showing a “Website” link. I havent noticed this in any other industries.
  • Bed and Breakfast with Website Option
    Bed and Breakfast with Website Option


  • Many of the businesses ranking in the Local 3 Pack in the Insurance industry are poorly designed websites. They look spammy, have bad citations and minimal links. The UX on their websites is early 2000’s and is useless. Why are they ranking? Examples below:
aiainsurance – The entire website is this!


Sauls - Hello 1999!
Sauls – Hello 1999!


Google My Business still seems to be a huge factor in where G is pulling information for the Stack. Make sure your information is updated and 100% complete!

That’s all for now.

I've been in the Local SEO game for over a decade. I help all sorts of small businesses gain traction in Local, and have extensive experience with Lawyers and Insurance Agents. I really enjoy helping small businesses with their local marketing. I also dig whiskey, hockey, and smoked meats.

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