Let’s Push it to #1

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I enjoy SEO experiments and though I don’t perform them nearly as much as I should, they are useful to determine how/why pages are ranking and for finding new ways to rank. That said, there is a fantastic “test” going on now in some parts of the SEO world. I’ve been following one of these tests in particular.

Mike and Andrew are convinced that a link from this site will not get them a penguin penalty but will instead vault them to the first page of the SERPS for the term “Alan Bleiweiss”. If you want the full run down of the test, be sure to check out their sites, especially Mike’s because it is fucking gold.

This is Mike’s Alan Bleiweiss website.

Here is Andrew’s Alan Bleiweiss where he repeated calls him an asshat.

You can also check out the real Alan, here.

How’s that for exact match anchors, guys?

Onward to Page 1.