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Google My Business

Why is GMB Important?

I’ve written before why GMB is critical for small businesses but it might be even more critical now that Google+ is no longer featured in the Search Engines. Why does that sound contradictory? It’s because GMB is populating most of the information in the new Local Finder.

What I’ll Do

You’ll get a full review and audit of your GMB account. You will learn what is preventing your information from showing correctly and how to fix the issues. I’ll provide you actionable recommendations with screenshots on exactly what you need to and how to do it. You should also check my Values Page to see if we will be a fit working together.

How Much?

My rate is $100 per location you own. If you have multiple locations or are an Enterprise Brand, email me first.

Without sounding like an arrogant asshole, I have extensive experience dealing with Enterprise accounts in GMB. For proof, I currently work for a Fortune 100 Company and manage over 10,000 listings in 1 Bulk Account.

Next Steps

Shoot me an email or hit me up on Twitter so we can chat about your issues. From there, we can proceed further down the rabbit hole that is Google My Business.

I look forward to working with you!

Brian Barwig