Google Un-verifying GMB Listings

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UPDATE: Since I posted this morning, Professor Maps got an update from Google with a copy of the warning email they send and SEL did a nice write up about the issue as well.


For those of you who work in Google My Business accounts often, this may be news. I was working in a GMB Bulk Feed account yesterday and noticed several of the thousands of listings in the account had a notice of “Disconnected“. The notice said, “This location can’t be connected to Google right now. If this problem continues for more than two days, try deleting the location and adding it again or contact support.”

It had been about a week since I noticed a few of the listings with this message so I called Google and spoke with a rep in the Ann Arbor call center. He told me the listing was unverified, though it had been verified before, as all of the listings in the Bulk Feed are. He was able to re-verify the listing right there on the phone as we walked through the process with a few of the other listings.

I asked him why several of the listings were unverified and he stated they were inactive for at least 6 months. This means Google is UN-VERIFYING LISTINGS in GMB accounts if there is no update or post in at least 6 months!

GMB Un-verified Accounts
My reaction when my listings were un-verified

Now, for many of you who work in GMB, this probably isnt an issue. Anyone who works with small businesses or even bulk accounts with a few hundred listings may be able to manage all of the listings within 6 months. Those who manage large Bulk accounts may want to take notice.

I asked if updating the Bulk Feed through the spreadsheet is good enough to qualify as an update and the Google rep told me “yes” but Im not so sure. I’ve updated the account through the Bulk Feed spreadsheet several times and yet the listings were still unverified. I think anyone managing listings in Google My Business accounts need to make sure to login and update and/or post at least once every six months or the account will be unverified by Google.

Once the listing is re-verified, the Google rep told me the listing was good to go. Typically there is a 6 month process after verification where Google wants to be sure the account and business is real. The account shouldnt revert back to this status as it was already verified, though I cant be sure.

Anyone else have this issue?

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21 thoughts on “Google Un-verifying GMB Listings”

  1. I manage 5,000 listings in the bulk upload dashboard.. i’ve had this happen, but never heard of / didn’t know it was because of the 6 month thing.

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the comment. I think this is fairly new. Ive seen my listings – 10k or so (got you beat!) – do this in the past but they were simply “disconnected” before. Ive only recently noticed that they would be unverified which is why I was concerned.

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