2015 Year in Review



It’s been a bit since I last posted – nearly 3 months in fact. Been wicked busy and my brain has been focused on learning the ins and outs of my new gig. This post won’t be anything ground breaking but should be fun.

I figured I should write a 2015 wrap up post since there was a good amount happening last year, not only in Local SEO, but to me as well. Let’s just jump right in with some of the bigger happenings.

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Time to Move On

In May of 2014, I traded my entrepreneurial boots for the comfort of corporate loafers. There were a few reasons I decided to go the corporate route and was excited to do so. A new experience, financial stability, opportunity and change were some of the reasons I chose to leave small business for the corporate life. It took some time but I realized that currently, Corporate America is not where I am supposed to be. That may sound harsh, though it is not intended to be so. Presently, my calling is in small business though my mind is open to whatever the future brings.

In saying that, my last day at Allstate will be Friday the 30th.

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Are Big Brands Being Forced Out of the Local Stack?


Google Local in a nutshell
Google Local in a nutshell

Updated July 25th, 2016

It has been over 2 months since Google reduced the Local results from 7 down to 3. Since the change, I’ve been attempting to analyze various items in the Pack – picture sizes, who is ranking, why they are ranking and what factors are keeping the businesses in the Local Stack. I’ve written several posts on how terrible the results are and what a poor experience the Local Stack has been so far. I think Google is doing some things to better the user experience but it still has a ways to go.

I have been noticing more and more small business, “mom and pop” shops, located in the Local Stack since the change and decided to test my theory that big Brands are being pushed out of the Local results.

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Local 3 Pack Gets Phone Numbers and Addresses Back

A Win for Local SEO

As being reported everywhere now, phone numbers and addresses returned to the Local 3 Pack today.

Courtesy Dimitar Marinov
Courtesy Dimitar Marinov

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Local Finder Pictures Fixed


Linda Wagner Fixed
Linda Wagner Fixed


Picture Problem

Ever since Google rolled out the new Local Stack and Local Finder, pictures within the Local Finder have been a huge problem.

Zoom Face Problem
Zoom Face Problem

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Local Stack Pack Pushes Organic Down the Page


Crystal Lake Dentist
Crystal Lake Dentist

I’ve been doing additional testing on the “new” Local Stack Pack and the Local Finder. Here are some additional observations from my testing:

  • Organic Listings are no longer listed above the Local Stack [tweetthis]Organic Listings are no longer listed above the Local Stack via @brianbarwig[/tweetthis]
  • GMB Primary Categories are now showing in the Stack and Local Finder [tweetthis]GMB Primary Categories are now showing in the Stack and Local Finder via @brianbarwig[/tweetthis]
  • Zooming in on the Local Finder causes a reduction in listings shown [tweetthis]Zooming in on the Local Finder causes a reduction in listings shown via @brianbarwig[/tweetthis]

Let’s go deeper.

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Local Finder now with Organic Listings

Think You Have Google Figured Out?
Think You Have Google Figured Out?


Local Finder with Organic Listings

I wanted to do some testing on the new Organic links showing in the Local Finder which just began rolling out the past few days. These listings are seemingly rolling out live for the whole country after some began seeing them this weekend and even more reported them today. Where is G pulling the information in the Local Finder Organic section? Below are screenshots of test results.

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More about the Local Stack


Lincoln Auto Pic
Lincoln Auto Pic

A few quick things about the new Local Pack update Blumenthal is calling the Local Stack (so much for all my pushing of the Local 3 Pack).

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Google goes to Local 3 Pack

New Local Pack
New Local Pack

As reported by Mike Blumenthal earlier this week, Google Local has shifted from the 7 Pack to a 3 pack. The shift was first reported as a possible test in various markets, is now rolled out to even more markets and should be nationwide soon.

The shift from a Local 7 Pack to a Local 3 Pack is a horrible user experience for several reasons. Instead of seeing 5 or 7 local results, there are now only 3. Those three local results:

  • Do not have a website
  • Do not have a phone number
  • Do not have a Google+ page visible
  • Take 3 clicks to find a meaningful result

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Why Google My Business Bulk Listings Become Disabled


Ferrell Disabled
Ferrell Disabled


UPDATE: I spoke with another Google rep today about a separate issue but asked about Disabled/Pending listings. She told me the same thing the previous rep told me but went into more detail. She stated that this is a new tactic Google is using in order to combat the rampant spammers who attempt to take control of G+ listings or make fake listings.

What the Google team does is make sure the business website, Google Plus page and any Search items are exactly the same for each listing. If the website has a phone number ending in 5432 but the G+ page has a number ending in 5431, the listing is marked as spam and goes under a manual review. Once the spam team reviews the listing, it can be reinstated if the information is corrected.

This is welcomed news and shows how serious Google is about getting information 100% correct all the time. Again this is a brand new tactic and seems to be working well, although it is a pain for those of us in the bulk feeds. At least we will know if our information needs to be corrected and why. Just make sure your business information matches exactly everywhere it is listed!


Original Post: Those of us who frequently spend time in the Google My Business Dashboard know of its issues all too well. While the support Google provides for GMB is much appreciated, it leaves something to be desired. Phone support is shoddy at best and there are continuous issues with listings which confuse us all.

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